Reality Is Waiting For Your Return


As a free speech organization, we wholeheartedly believe in maximizing the freedoms and liberties afforded to everyone under the First Amendment. With speech, however, often come consequences: it is often used to provoke others into escalating from words to physical action. Our society rarely cares about these provocations. We—as a collective people—simply believe that the step of escalating is unjust. Our law prescribes to this; we are at a young age are inculcated as such. Yet, the person who provokes, and almost surely later plays the victim card—mainly Conservatives in our modern day politics—are equally to blame as the Liberals who get offended by hate speech.

So let’s get right to the point: Liberals and Conservatives are both extremely coddled. Liberals get too offended about words used by those looking to provoke a reaction, and Conservatives play the victim card too often when their instigations prove successful. However, both sides utilize specious arguments: Liberals often argue that no one ought to engage in hate speech and Conservatives say no one may resort to the physical in response to provocative speech. Both sides of this argument need to grow up: both are equally responsible in the erosion of First Amendment rights.

One of the quickest ways to get rid of this problem is by cutting off the metaphorical food supply—hate speech. The most efficient solution would be to thus permanently outlaw it in the name of public safety. This is absolutely legal. And unfortunately, many places have done so. Should we really be surprised that we have speech codes when Conservatives do not fully understand the power and responsibility that comes with the First Amendment, while many Liberals itch to ban “offensive” speech?
Conservatives ostensibly support the First Amendment and maximizing our rights. That means it’s time to grow up—and learn how to be responsible. Just because one has the right to be contemptible does not mean one ought to be; this is a fundamental fallacy of logic. Philosophers before our modern era understood this—so why can’t Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter? No Conservative, however, wants to be the adult and sit down to have a conversation about why rights are being limited. Instead, the Limbaugh cabal continue to whine, and whine.

And Liberals, do you even know what the basic principles of liberalism are?  Included in the defined philosophy associated with modern day Liberalism are these two words: civil liberty. The main civil liberties we, as citizens of the United States, have been given are those afforded to us in the First Amendment, and few Liberals even care enough to stand up for those liberties.

The “Conservative” candidate for Presidency is all about using the First Amendment as his sword, but is the first to complain when he feels that he has too many critics. He has also revoked press credentials because he did not like what they were saying about him (those Liberal meanies!). He has also pushed the idea that we ought not be “politically correct.” Clearly he does not understand that being politically incorrect without restraint has lead, and will continue to lead, to his many suggested limitations on the First Amendment, among which include unconstitutional religious tests and threatening to open “libel” laws. Political correctness only means being respectful—it does not mean one loses the right to say as she wishes, only that she ought to think before she acts. This candidate, additionally, can never understand the impact of his words: he is not a student at college dealing with this first hand. He is not an average person who actually has to interact with people in a non-controlled environment. He is a farce in the world of speech.

The “Liberal” candidate for Presidency has already talked about reducing the scope of the First Amendment, by limiting the pathways by which candidates can get campaign money. Let’s just ignore that this whole notion relies on the transferring of money not being labelled speech—because when a large group of people boycott a certain store, they totally are not sending a message!  Welcome to reality, where the transferring of money is speech. How you spend your money, and what you spend your money on, is absolutely speech, and should be protected as such.

We as a society need to start making our way back to reality. If Liberals cannot control their emotions, and Conservatives cannot understand the responsibilities that come with the powers of the First, please—kiss the First goodbye.

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