Conservatives, you lost me.



I grew up a fan of NASCAR, grandson of a Marine and an Airman. Hell, between my maternal grandparents and their siblings, almost twenty of them served in the military in Vietnam through Korea. I was always taught to respect authority. When a member of the law enforcement or military did something bad, I was always taught that the wrongdoer disgraced the uniform. I was raised with the understanding of what good guns can have for society, and how some people needed them to live. A farmer has to keep their animals and crops safe. The meat from hunted game is often donated to feed the poor. I was a predestined Conservative, but now I feel lost.

I grew up in a time where the Republican Party, supposedly the home for Conservatives, was hell bent on forcing its religious beliefs on everyone. A party that prides itself on respecting authority, but has since turned respect into ignoring the issues some law enforcement officers seem to have. A party that prides itself on strengthening the power of the Constitution, until it comes to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments. I remember thinking to myself, as long as the Republican Party stays principled and follows its morals, it is the party for me. And I long for the day for that to come true. I cannot say that this Republican Party has stayed to the principles, and I can certainly not say it has stuck to its morals.

The President is an authoritarian whose best argument to vote for is to end the “political correctness.” Included in political correctness is this very important notion of everyday life called respect. I do not care what people call me to my face, or behind my back. But if I am working with you to accomplish a common goal, all I ask for is respect. With mutual respect, we can work for a better tomorrow. We can work to fix the problems our great nation faces. Without respect, there will not be a conversation to fix the problems. There will not be a real debate of the issues.

And where are our morals anymore? The Republican Party is being hijacked by outsiders looking to use the party for personal gain. Do we really think this alt-right movement cares about the Republican Party? Do we really think that the Party is not just going to be left in the dirt after this movement gets what it wants? The future of the Party is not going even more to the right–its taking a stand for what us Conservatives truly believe in: strengthening the Constitution.

The Party is being hijacked, and the President is an authoritarian. The Party that prides itself on being the party of Reagan and Lincoln is nowhere close to holding the same principles or morals. Those presidents supported amnesty and equality, respectively; two principles I cannot say the Party holds true today. Mike Pence pushed against equality for the LGBT community. If the problem were really about religious beliefs attached to marriage, then at least once Republican should have offered the remedy of marital benefits to civil union partners. The Party was blinded by hatred.

I grew up a Conservative, excited for what the future may hold in store for the Republican Party. Now I sit here seeing the closed mindedness of many Republicans in this election–voting for Donald Trump just because of his party affiliation, and not because he possesses any of the Conservative values. To me, this authoritarian leader who flies around in a trophy of one of his many failures in the business world will never be a true Republican. But I guess I am in a minority. There is no reason for me to stay in a party driven by hate, hijacked by greed, and led by a wannabe dictator.

Conservatives, you lost me.

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