Policy Reform

There are many levels of policy to be reformed to protect our rights: campus, local, state, and federal.

While most policies in our scope are outright restricting speech, assembly, or press rights, there has been an increase in policies and legislation that go too far while trying to protect our rights, leading to the rights of dissenters being squandered.  Precautionary measures have been installed in our reform process to prevent the denial of rights to anybody.

An important aspect to our policy reform program is our approach to reform, working with the communities affected by the legislation, and opposition to litigation.  The Foundation does not believe that litigation addresses some of the most glaring issues, including an ideological rejection of our liberties by some communities.  Although policies affect official actions, they are not helpful in most circumstances we hear about due to the difficulty of accountability, and overall lack of accountability, against students restricting the rights of others.  Our reform efforts center around working with affected communities for this reason.

If you believe that policy that affects you needs to be reformed, please reach out to us at contact@protectspeech.org.