There are many benefits to unrestricted speech, assembly, and press liberties.  Our education efforts often aligns with our policy reformation process, because we take an approach to reforming policy that requires an understanding of these benefits.

Very often, these benefits are overlooked when the beliefs that we all see as undebatable are questioned.  We must remember, however, that no position is undebatable.  Throughout history, we have improved by challenging the norms in front of us.  In a perfect society, members would be tolerant of the questioning of accepted norms, and that should be something we all strive for.  That does not mean that we must accept the conclusions of these challenges to our beliefs.  In fact, quite the contrary.  You can be open to the possibility of new ideas while disagreeing with conclusions challenging your beliefs.

To be open to the possibility of differing opinions is vital to the success of free speech, assembly, and press.  Without believing in the possibility of differing opinions, we often find ourselves, as humans, applying laws and rules subjectively.  Our rights are not something to be handled subjectively, and through our education efforts, the Foundation seeks to help our friends, family, and neighbors in understanding that.