Every day, there is yet another threat to one of the many freedoms to which we have all grown accustomed: speech. Protected speech has been becoming unprotected; moreover, large amounts of speech that was protected now violates new rules at the institutions we have come to rely on to educate us for the real world. Now, instead of being educated and prepared for what life can offer in these institutions, codes and censors placed on speech have effectively created a harmful bubble for us students to live and grow in.

The Student Free Speech Foundation has been created to contest this idea of censoring and limiting speech, because we believe that it does nothing but shelter students from the real world’s hazards, instead of training us for them. We believe that limitations on speech stunt our intellectual growth and silences the voices of those in non-authoritative positions.

This Foundation does not, and will never, hold any partisan ties. Keeping the liberties fought for in the past should not be a party-line issue. We will also be very careful in the connections we create with other organizations. This is done so members can be sure that they have joined a foundation with integrity. Integrity, among other vital values, is treated as a basic and expected principal at the Student Free Speech Foundation.

Our foundation is always open to criticism or suggestions.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media or email us at contact@protectspeech.org!

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