Why We Fight

College and university students around the country are currently facing a threat to their basic rights.  Many academic institutions have been receiving mounting pressure to add speech codes, or a group of rules or regulations that limit our speech.  Standing alone, our voices can seem thin.  Together, we can take a stand against these awful limitations on our speech, and keep speech free.

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About Us

Who We Are

We feel that there is no better lobbying force on college campuses than students, themselves, so we created that lobbying force.  In this case, "we" means college students.  This is very important for the image we wish to portray, because it underlines the fact that we do not just go home at the end of a work day.  We live with these speech codes, and so no one is more passionate for change than us.


To Give a voice to those struggling to earn one in their own communities, and to fight systemic censorship and other immoral and unethical limitations on speech.